Release party: What's Worth Remembering?

(General Event)

Feb 19,2016, 5:00 PM - 1:00 PM @ 826 Valencia
On Friday, February 19 we will celebrate the release of What's Worth Remembering? This chapbook features monologues written by drama students at Mission High School. The monologues cover all manner of things, from first kisses to brushes with death. The array of topics matches the diversity of Mr. Scott’s drama classes. Some of our young authors are native speakers of English, while others are newcomers; some of them are just beginning high school, while others are already looking toward college. While these monologues cover a range of topics, they ultimately address the question: what’s worth remembering?

We'll celebrate the release of this chapbook with student readings, music, and good times for all at the Writing Lab at 826 Valencia from 5-6 p.m