Message in a Bottle: Student podcasts from our Tenderloin Center

Message In A Bottle

Each day, students from across the city come to the Tenderloin Center to work with tutors to write and record an episode they’re proud to share. Listen to our featured podcasts from each field trip below. To hear all our podcasts, check out our SoundCloud page.

Want to be part of the podcasting magic? (No experience with audio production is necessary). Learn how to volunteer with 826 Valencia here.

Fall ‘16 Season:

Twelfth graders from Burton High School visited Tenderloin Center to revise a classroom assignment into an engaging podcast that shares a piece of their world. Natalie talks about a significant moment that brought her closer to her mom:

Eleventh and twelfth graders from Downtown High School visited 826 Valencia’s Tenderloin Center to write an engaging podcast about their community. Jose writes about his academic studies and personal growth:


Eighth graders from KIPP Bayview Middle School worked with 826 tutors to revise a classroom assignment about a moment in time that mattered. Below, Becky describes the first time she saw the ocean:

Jovian shares his personal journey as a young basketball player:


Our Pilot Season:

Sixth graders in an ELL/ELD class from Francisco Middle School worked with 826 tutors to create personal narrative podcasts. Below, Sandra describes a cozy day at home

Wendy describes the first time she got lost:

Twelfth-grade students from George Washington High School transformed neighborhood essays into an audio tour of San Francisco for teenagers entitled, Straight Outta Fog City. In this episode Angelina, Gaby, Ethan, and Anni give their tips for Downtown San Francisco:

Students from Everett Middle School adapted their literary analysis essays and social issue research papers into podcasts with personal voice and style. Tully shares her opinion on women in video games:

Melanie compares The Waking by Theodore Roethke and I’ll Show You by Justin Bieber:



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