Get Involved

Use Your Imagination

You can turn lead into gold with a magic wand? Show us your wand! Over the years, volunteers, teachers, parents, donors, and students have dreamed up innovative ways to raise money for 826. In 2008, a student named Paolo Yumol created his very first zine in our writing lab and donated proceeds from the sales to 826 Valencia. The 826 Valencia Booty Team (shown above) was a group of eight brave souls who raised money to compete in the San Francisco Marathon. Below are some ideas we have. Let us know if you have ideas brewing of your own.

Wedding registries

If you’d like your friends and family to make a donation to 826 Valencia as their wedding gift to you, explore the variety of services that allow engaged couples to create a charity registry.

Spread the word

It’s easy to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on 826 news. The sign-up is in the column to your left. We also welcome you to join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Growing our online presence is important to building a community around our work.

Special events

Whether you host your birthday party in our honor, or invite your friends to fill a table at a fundraiser, your efforts are much appreciated. Visit our calendar or get in touch to set the gears in motion.