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Running low on lard or eye patches? In need of some Mermaid Bait or Repellent? Got a pesky case of scurvy? The 826 Pirate Supply Store is your one-stop shop for all your nautical needs, from peg legs and hand hooks to spyglasses and treasure chests. For landlubbers, we also offer a wide range of publications written by our students. Reasonably priced and high-quality, we offer the personal touch you won’t find at the big box pirate supply stores and discount pirate supply outlets.

We invite you to visit our store at 826 Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District to check out our wares. There you’ll discover a bounty of wonders, including attacking mop-heads and the famous fish theater. If you’re more than a day’s sail away, purchase your wares online at the Pirate Store’s website.