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College Scholarships

Each year, we award scholarships to college-bound students in the Bay Area including:

  • The Young Author’s Scholarship
  • The Nathan Jillson Memorial Scholarship
  • The Irving Hochman Memorial Scholarship
  • The Taylor Renfrew Ingham Memorial Scholarship

To be eligible for a scholarship, students must be high school graduating seniors, demonstrate financial need, go to school in the Bay Area, and demonstrate intent to enroll in a vocational school, college, or university. Preference will be given to students who attend public high schools in San Francisco.

Read about our 2014 scholarship winners.

Our past scholars are an incredible bunch, with a great diversity of interests, passions, and achievements. We are honored to be able to support these young people as they make their way to college; many of them are the first in their families to attend.

Read about what our scholars are up to during their first year of college on our College Diaries page!

Download the 2014 application packet here:

826 Valencia Scholarship Application 2014

The Great San Francisco Personal Statement Weekend

826 Valencia invites all SFUSD high-school seniors to an intensive weekend of essay help at Mission High School each fall. Whether students are applying for scholarships or writing college entrance essays, still brainstorming or in the final stages of writing — students are welcome to come get free advice from 826 Valencia’s friendly and experienced tutors. Personal Statement Weekend is usually at the end of October each year. We held our 2013 event on October 26 and 27, serving 191 students. Next year’s dates will be posted by September 2014.

“I promise anyone that if you volunteer at 826 for this event it will become an annual holiday!!! I love tutoring at the Great San Francisco Personal Statement Weekend. If you simply love to read or write, and like people at all, 826 provides the nuts and bolts to make the session with your senior rock. 826 offers ‘orientation’ for tutors, tips on making the essay great, like ‘This essay will be great if you: are lively; are brave; use wit and let lots of people read it to confirm you are witty’ …along with great essay examples and poor essay examples. These help the tutor get clear. If you take your student on his or her personal statement ride with all 826 gives us, you will walk away from your student’s work session feeling alive because you’ve witnessed him or her come to life!”

Karen Schaser, 826 Valencia tutor

Interested in signing up? Find the Personal Statement Weekend on our calendar and select the session you’d like to attend. If you don’t already have a student profile, you’ll be asked to create one. It’s that easy.

If you have questions about PSW, email essayhelp@826valencia.org.


ScholarMatch is a community partner, located just across the street from 826 Valencia. ScholarMatch‘s mission is to make college possible for under-resourced students. They connect students with donors by leveraging the internet to enable individuals to invest in the academic future of their students, and they provide robust support services so that students maximize their resources and make sound choices in selecting their college.