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To register your student for workshops, visit: 826valencia.org/calendar

(hint: the calendar displays one month at a time. To see future or past months, please click the triangle arrows to browse.)

In the evenings and on weekends, we offer a variety of free workshops to elementary-, middle-, and high-school students right here in our writing lab. The topics range from  academic essentials like SAT-prep and college-entrance essays, to more imaginative forms of writing like fiction, non-fiction, cartooning, bookmaking, and debate. Each workshop is designed and taught by talented volunteers, many of them published authors, magazine founders, teachers, and filmmakers.

Each workshop listed occurs once a week on the same day, at the same time, for the duration of the number of sessions indicated. Because each workshop will build upon the ideas learned in the previous session, students are asked to attend all sessions of a workshop. If you miss out on a workshop that sounds good, don’t fret; it will likely be offered again.

All workshops are free, but (once a student is confirmed) they require a refundable deposit check of $25. Please do not send a check before you are accepted into a workshop. When writing a check, make it out to “826 Valencia,” and write the student’s name and the workshop title on the bottom of the check. Your check will not be deposited unless the student is a no-show or you indicate “donation” in the memo line of the check.

Feel free to drop it off, or mail it to:
826 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA

Looking for workshops for grown-ups?
We occasionally host workshops and seminars for adults. Read this Adult Writers’ Seminars page to see what we have going on.

Inspired to run a workshop of your own?
Download how to submit a proposal for information on how to draft your own proposal.

Workshop FAQ

What are workshops and what makes them different from the other programs offered at 826?
Workshops are offered to elementary, middle, and high school students during the evenings and weekends at 826. They cover a wide variety of different topics and are typically run by volunteers instead of 826 staff. Some (but not all) workshops are writing-intensive and result in students’ work being published in a chapbook.

Who are the workshops for?
Workshops are for students ages 8-18 anywhere in the Bay Area, and primarily San Francisco.

How much do the workshops at 826 cost?
All of the workshops at 826 are absolutely free, and we require a $25 deposit check to hold your place in the workshop—because workshops are popular, we want to make sure each students who signs up will actually attend. Only if you sign up but do not attend will we cash your deposit check.

How important is it for a student to be within the age limits?
We like to limit the individual groups to a fairly narrow age range. This is because we believe the students will have the most fun and get the most out of the experience when the workshop is geared specifically toward their age group.

I have scheduling conflicts and cannot attend all of the sessions, can I still participate in the workshop?
We really encourage students to participate in every session. Often the workshops build up to a chapbook or other final project, and it is important for all students to participate in the creation of the complete work. If your schedule is packed, every season of workshops will likely include a few that have only one session, on a weekend afternoon or weeknight evening.

Do I need to bring anything to the workshop?
For all workshops held at 826 you need only bring your self and a positive attitude.

How will I find out when the next season’s workshops will be posted on the website? I don’t want to miss out on registration.
Send your name and contact info to workshops@826valencia.org. We will add you to the listserv and you will be notified as soon as the new workshops are ready for sign-up. Also, you can check the workshops calendar through this website.

OK, so I went to the website calendar and was only able to view workshops for this month! Help!
Indeed, it may appear as though it only displays the current month’s activities, but if you click the little triangular arrow next to the month, it will take you to the next one.

Why is there a limit to the number of students who can sign up?
Part of what makes the workshops special is that students are given a lot of individual attention. We have to keep the class sizes small to make this possible.

If the workshops are free, why did you ask me for a $25 check?
We ask for a $25 deposit or placeholder check upon acceptance into the workshop to reserve a student’s space. We want to make sure that each student that signs up does not cancel mid-workshop. You can choose to make the check a donation or simply a placeholder. If you choose placeholder we will shred your check once the workshop ends and it will not be cashed.

Are the workshops held at different locations?
Unless otherwise noted, you can be sure that all workshops take place right here at 826 Valencia.

Are workshops ever offered more than once? Is every season’s calendar more or less the same?
No two seasons of workshops are alike. Every year we have new individuals or organizations contributing their specific expertise. However! Some workshops are brought back by popular demand. Some are offered annually, and the Bay-Farer and Writing and Publishing Apprentices are offered every season.

Writing isn’t really my thing, is there still a workshop for me?
Yes! While some workshops focus on producing a final published work of writing, others are oriented towards arts and crafts, comics, toys, science, dance, and other interests.