Welcome, Good People!

Hello there old friends, new friends, self-assured shoppers, unwashed masses, Toni, and Toni’s friend, Little Toni. Hi guys. How have you all been? Good? Good. You may have noticed that this place looks a lot different than the last time you were here. It seems like it used to be browner, and there were little drawers and maybe some kind of bird somewhere. Well, first of all, we told that bird to hit the road. Then we started to redesign the whole website with these guys we met down by the docks from a company called Volume, Inc. I’d rather not get into the details here, but it was a lot of digital internet sorcery. Which was scary at times for some of the littler guys. Of course, in the end, all the spell-casting and midnight-coding was worth it—because now we have a whole new website, finer than any website we’ve ever seen. So fine, in fact, that all we do anymore is worry about breaking it. If there is one thing we know about us it’s that we should not be trusted with nice things. It’s just the way it is. Thanks for stopping by.

–Justin Carder, Pirate Store Manager, October 2011

Woah that was a long time ago. Maybe you don’t even remember that other website?Don’t worry – It’s really better for everyone that you don’t. But guess what! This one is still lovely, the magic is still happening and, somehow, we still haven’t broken it. (Somebody knock on wood for me.)

–Caroline Kangas, Pirate Store Manager, August 2013