By Probably-Cursed Philip

We’ve got this counter below deck for every time our boatswain Mickey think’s he’s seen a ghost, a specter, a phantasm, or some such thing. It’s quite nicely made, especially for a placard that we carved when we were bored, but I’ve always thought it needed more “5” cards because they seem to keep disappearing.

It had been some time since he’d claimed to encounter such a thing “while in a wistful moment of low spirits and standing on deck to contemplate the stars,” as his stories nearly always start. But ever since we ran aground at Baffin Island, he’s been hanging out with poltergeists constantly, and he never eats with the rest of the crew anymore. It’s really starting to affect moral. Sure we had a few, deep belly laughs when we got to bump up the numbers on the “Mickey’s Banshee Extravaganza” counter, but it started to lose its charm when we ran out of fives. Seriously, what happened to the fives?

I did actually get a chance to talk to him this morning, though. He said that most of the ghosts think we should all get out of here because this island is practically in the Artics and it’s only getting colder, but we shouldn’t worry about him because one of the ghosts had an extra pair of socks. And that he’d get back to us next month. May fortune favor your boldness in the face of the paranormal, Mickey, Bravest of Boatswains.


I thought a ghost had started inhabiting our offices here at 826…come by and let us know what you think!