No joke, a choir will be singing in the store on Sunday, March 16 at 5pm

Happy Reading Hour: Valentine’s Day Edition

To Whomever Smashed this Bottle and Retrieved Our Letter:

To Whomever Smashed this Bottle and Retrieved Our Letter:

I hope whatever is left of the ocean’s water hasn’t washed away my ink. Please do not ignore my plea; I don’t want to end up like that Gilligan guy from that show. Bucket hats still aren’t cool.

My crew and I are two weeks into being marooned in a lagoon not far from San Francisco. The drought took us by surprise; where’s that long-languished much-maligned precipitation? It matters not; either way, we’re stuck. Marooned in a lagoon. Marooned in a lagoon. It sounds poetic, but it’s really more of an inconvenience.

Please, please: help us get home. Better yet: buy a rain stick. Buy a rain stick now. Summon all the rain you can muster. Buy all your friends and family rain sticks and bring us a torrential downpour. Reconnect with your extended family and lost friends and buy them rain sticks. Tie one to your dog’s collar. Glue one to your cat. Just buy a lot of rain sticks. Please.

If you’re feeling less generous, maybe just send some bottles of water. Jugs, if you’re so inclined. It’s hard to man the sails when one’s dehydrated. But the real answer is rain sticks. As a San Franciscan, it’s your duty.

I implore you: Rain sticks. Rain sticks. Raaaaaaain sticks.


Marooned in the Lagoon (it’s a nice phrase, isn’t it?)

2013 Letterpress Holiday Cards

Friends and family will undoubtedly share in this card’s holiday spirit, complete with snowfall and flailing octopus. You can write your own personalized greeting inside, or perhaps leave it blank and allow others to imagine a greeting. The possibilities are limitless and with six cards per bundle the limitlessness is exponential. For sale in the store or online here.

Almost as delightful as the card itself is this peek behind the scenes of the (generously donated!) printing process at Dependable Letterpress where our cards came to life.


The Armada of Golden Dreams expands it’s fleet!

Have you ever found yourself wandering past the Old Ship Saloon on Pacific? Ever notice that large, rusty, oblong structure bolted to the sidewalk? It’s like an anvil, or a really uncomfortable park bench. It’s also a hidden sign of what once was—of ships and shipwrecks, of pirates, deckhands and trusty crewmen.

That oversized cleat on the sidewalk (next to the bar and downwind of the bay, several Starbucks, and a parking lot or two) was once built to anchor a boat as it comes to shore. It marks one of many spots in the financial district where ships once anchored close to shore—and where some of them sank, only to be rediscovered a century later during Bart construction.

Hankering to hear more of the story behind these mysterious sunken ships? Join us for at the Armada of Golden Dreams Reading and Celebration, right here in the Pirate Supply Store on November 8th from 6-8pm. Young authors from 826 accompanied by Invisible City Audio Tours authors will read original work. Of course, grog and snacks will be provided as you are regaled with tales from the high seas. Don’t miss it!

The Armada of Golden Dreams

Darling friends, we have a new window display. The latest installation was constructed by the team at Invisible City Audio Tours who, in May 2011, put their ear trumpets to the pavement, summoning up the ghosts of the forgotten Gold Rush fleet now resting below the streets of downtown San Francisco. If you haven’t seen it already, please come by after work or mutiny or whatever defines your days.

Friday, October 11, we will be sharing stories and treats and talking about walking and what else might be hidden under our feet. Like, while we were closed this summer, we found this totally-must-be-from-the-briny-deep-because-how-else-could-it-end-up-like-that hatchet under the floorboards of our center. It sort of made us want to dig up the whole place but we decided that we had been closed long enough.

Anyway, please come by, the store will be open late selling the maps and audio from the tour and we’ll be celebrating from 6pm to 8pm.

A Still Life of The Fever Dream Window Reception

When you were wandering the streets of San Francisco, listless, stumbling from lack of natural ebb and flow of the tides, you thought, maybe… A peek can’t hurt. But still the sign was there rubbing salt in your wounds: “The Pirate Supply Store is quite closed.” You drifted on but something shiny caught your eye – what’s this? A beautiful new window display by Otis Pig! How charming! What art! Suddenly you were walking with a little more spring in your step and a better visual representation of the torment in your mind. Now that the store has finally reopened, let us celebrate kind Otis Pig and his gift to us, the buccaneers and otherwise of San Francisco, in the midst of our fever dream of confusion, mutiny, and construction. Join us from 5pm – 7pm this Friday, September 6th for refreshments that will whet the palate and quench thirst like the window that delighted us this summer. And because one art piece is never enough, we will also be releasing limited edition “A Still Life of the Fever Dream” posters for your everlasting enjoyment and remembrance on the walls of your home or office or captain’s quarters. Come celebrate and wonder.

Did we forget to mention?

The 826 Valencia Pirate Supply Store is quite open. Once again, finally, we’ll see you 12pm to 6pm daily.

The Pirate Supply Store will be closed May 30—late August

ATTENTION FINE PEOPLE: We invite you to stop by The Pirate Supply Store before May 29th, 2013 to stock up on peg legs, beard dye and glass eyes! The store will be closed May 30 through late August due to necessary ship repairs.

We purveyors of piratical supplies want to extend our wholehearted apologies for any inconvenience caused to those seeking fresh leeches and quality planks. Our leeches are the freshest, and our planks do provide the most bounce, so we understand that this closure may affect those with leech and plank purchasing needs.

We will, however, maintain out virtual storefront, and we will continue to ship the finest of seafaring wares to lands near and far. Additionally, you can follow the Pirate Supply Store on Facebook and Twitter to hear about Pasha’s adventures outside of the Fish Theatre, and to receive news about Pirate Store popups during the summer. If you’d like to purchase any Pirate Store items you don’t see on the website, contact Many of your favorite items will still be available even if not immediately obvious.

We greatly appreciate your continued support of our free student programs.

Past Life Readings, Saturday May 11 from 1-5pm

Interested in piecing together your past as an international seafaring ne’erdowell? Find out all the sordid details with a personal clairvoyant reading performed by the original Pirate Supply Store manager, Yosh Han!

Readings will take place at the Pirate Store on Saturday, May 11th from 1-5pm.

15 minute sessions for a suggested donation of $20-$50. All proceeds benefit the free student programming of 826 Valencia.

People are really into the lard today.