826 Quarterly, Volume 12

The 826 Quarterly draws from across 826 Valencia’s projects, bringing the reader the most dynamic student writing from the past semester of programming. This volume features a foreword by long-time 826 volunteer Sona Avakian—and, for the reader on a tight time-budget, when you flip the book over, you’ll find a summary of every single story in the book by our After-school Tutoring students.


“His footsteps died away, leaving the house silent once more. Corrisenda looked up at the ceiling and saw through to the future, where she saw that she indeed was alone with no one to die for, not even a person to live for, and suddenly she did not want to be forgotten. Her father would be forgotten. His name would disappear with his face, under the ground.”–Molly Doyle Age 17 pg. 33