826 Quarterly, Volume 13

The 826 Quarterly draws from across 826 Valencia’s projects, bringing the reader the most dynamic student writing from the past semester of programming. The 826 Quarterly, volume 13 features a foreword by Adam Savage and a beautiful new redesign.


“A bright light began to flicker, so she turned to see where it was coming from. A small rowboat was placed firmly on the sand, gently kissed by the foamy waves. A small golden light, as big as a man’s hand, flickered at the edge of the boat. As Gabriela walked closer to it, it grew brighter. Then suddenly the light sped off into the horizon. She closed her eyes as she placed her hand on the boat where the light had been resting. The edge was cool to the touch, but she felt a heat grow in her heart.”–Bianca Catalan Age 18 pg 98.