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642 Things to Write About: Young Writer’s Edition

Looking for inspiration? Stop by the Pirate Store to pick up a copy of 642 Things to Write About: Young Writer's Edition, and get writing!

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Introducing Spring’s Young Writers!

We are proud to announce our newest group of students featured on the Young Writers’ Wall in the writing lab. This biannual display celebrates the most dedicated student-writers in our After-School Tutoring program each semester.

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Here’s to our February Teachers of the Month, Ms. Lathrop and Ms. Lucker!

Students in Ms. Lathrop’s fifth grade class pair with students in Ms. Lucker’s first grade class, and together these “literary buddies” learn to express their inner lives through artistic line work and descriptive language.

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Fall in love with these young writers from 826CHI!

Our friends at 826CHI have created a series of heart-warming videos showcasing Chicago students reading their published writing. We think these videos beautifully encapsulate the imagination, creativity, and revelrous spirit of 826CHI!

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Carmela Marquez: February Volunteer of the Month

Carmela can often be found in 826 Valencia’s kitchenette, cracking jokes and slicing apples for our After-School Tutoring students. She’s an invaluable volunteer and we appreciate her immensely.

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Announcing: 826 Valencia’s 2014 Scholarship Program

Each year, we award up to six $15,000 scholarships to college-bound students in the Bay Area. 2014 applications are due by Friday, March 7. Find the application form and guidelines within!