Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

This year, we were more excited than ever to offer scholarships to help pay for college to six incredible graduating seniors who have participated in 826 Valencia programs over the years. They are now pursuing their dreams as college students, and we couldn’t be prouder of them and all they will accomplish.  Congratulations to Ashley, Walter, Betzabe, Mansa, Marrianah and Jessica, and good luck in your new adventures! Read on to get to know these scholars in their own words.

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Ashley Fumar, Art Berliner and Marian Lever Scholarship in honor of Sydney Goldstein

UC Los Angeles

“Now, I write again, without comparing it to others because I know my style and I know what I am capable of producing in my own way—all of which I learned to appreciate during a workshop with 826. I used to always want to be a journalist, and I still do. Through my life experiences, I wish to write significant events that impact people and communities.”

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Betzabe Herrera, Taylor Renfrew Ingham Memorial Scholarship

UC Merced

“In the future I hope to become a teacher. I don’t know what kind of teacher I will become. But I know that if it wasn’t for the confidence I have now, I wouldn’t see myself in that role. I know that writing will follow me all of my life. I will continue to express my emotions through a paper and a pencil.”

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Jessica Berrios, City Arts and Lectures Scholarship

New York University

“A college degree is a privilege that I have longed for since I was 6…As a first generation, Latina woman of color, I have made it a priority to better myself by pursuing a further education.”

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Mansa Kuang, Sydney Goldstein Memorial Scholarship

Wesleyan University

“I write to enter a difficult and honest conversation about the unfair distribution of privileges within our society and how that has limited the opportunities for others to thrive. Writing has allowed me to self-reflect on the challenges I go through not only as a person of color and as a woman, but also the challenges I face coming from a low-income, immigrant family.”

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Marrianah Meadors, City Arts and Lectures Scholarship

CSU – Long Beach

“I want my siblings and other youth of color to see me go to college and know that, as a African American woman with financial hardships, there’s always a way forward. I’m passionate about achieving my dreams to go to college and become an astronaut so that I can encourage others that big dreams do come true.”

Meet our 2020 scholarship winners!

Walter Garcia, Tom Savignano Scholarship San Francisco State University

San Francisco State University

“My mother is a person that influences me to attend college. She is a very hard worker and a very good mother. She has fought to make my two older brothers, my sister and I have a better life here in the United States.”