826 Valencia student wins Census 2020 writing contest

Students from our Tenderloin Youth Leadership Advisory Board recently participated in a contest called “Why My Family Counts in the 2020 Census,” wherein they wrote and created engaging podcasts about why their families should be counted in this year’s Census. One of those students, Ingrid Jimenez, was awarded first place for her piece, and we couldn’t be happier for and prouder of her!

Ingrid says, “Sitting between two diverse neighborhoods, my older sister and I grew up lucky enough to walk comfortably down the street at night. ‘Anything is possible as long as you’re willing to put in the work for it,’ my mom made sure to always remind us from day one. My family is one of the thousands of families trying to make it in America. Like a puzzle, we are but one piece that is needed in order to see the bigger picture in the end.”

To hear the full podcast, listen here.