826 Valencia’s Volunteer Write-Along #2

What  Since it’s #agoodtimetowrite, let’s write together! Who  The 826 volunteer community When  Thursday, April 30 Time 10:00 a.m.

If you’re missing the time spent with our students gallivanting through our writing centers, know that we at 826 Valencia sure are, too. Come along as we explore the creative realms we provide for our students! Whimsy, ridiculousness, contemplative and critical identity-based writing, and, yes, even more, will ensue.

You can expect an 826 Valencia community member to lead a warm up, a guided writing exercise, some free writing time, and a little bit of time to share. Additionally, we’ll use prompts and themes based on student voices and writing. No need to bring any prior work, unless you are particularly interested in pursuing a larger project in our space, as we will generate new work together.

When the time comes, click on this Zoom link: https://zoom.us/j/95720956225?pwd=Z2hPOXIvVno5c0NyKzBWdWEwRkVpdz09