A list of resources from the 826 Staff

We at 826 Valencia are reflecting on how we can better support our Black community, and how to deepen and meaningfully take action on our commitment to anti-racism work. Some of our staff has compiled (and will continue to grow) this list of the places where we are donating, volunteering, and supporting the movement for Black lives right now. We invite you to join us in supporting these organizations and in learning about anti-racism, allyship, and leadership through some of the resources compiled below.  

Anti Police Terror Project 

Anti Repression Bay Area

The Bail Project 

Black Lives Matter

Black Trans Travel Fund

Black Visions Collective 

Color of Change 

Ella Baker Center 

Equal Justice Initiative

Hella Black Pod 

Marcus Book Stores – “Black owned bookstore of writings by black authors and artists. Very close to where I live and a wonderful source of relevant texts, poetry, children’s books etc. They’ve been cleared out recently of a lot of their stock and are looking to restock again soon.”


National Bailout

The Okra Project 

People’s Breakfast Oakland“A grassroots Black socialists political organization which serves the houseless community essential resources.” I think they have also been raising bail funds for protesters and incarcerated black members of the community.”

Planting Justice – “Emphasizes working with formerly incarcerated people, who are disproportionately Black, environmental emphasis is important, creates actual change within those communities by ensuring longevity in impacts”

Reclaim the Block 

Southern Poverty Law Center

TGI Justice

United Negro College Fund

Zinn Education Project

A list of Black-Owned Restaurants: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mTthE5lwqVnTCIm3iQtQXLyxwK-pc17cuCp–BhAYX8/edit#gid=0