A Message From Our Executive Director

Dear Community,

It is with great pride that I share with you that, after a year and a half of distance learning, we have reopened our three Centers and launched partnerships with eleven schools! We have spent a year and half writing and revising a reopening plan that reflects guidance from the Department of Public Health and San Francisco Unified School District. And now, with this guidance in mind, we are so proud to be able to offer our much-needed programs in person.

Thanks to all the volunteers who supported us online last year from around the globe. I spent a couple of hours a week tutoring “my students” at Bret Harte Elementary School, and experienced all the challenges of managing links, troubleshooting sound and video, and helping students stay focused despite distractions at home and spotty wifi. And over the last couple of weeks, I have tutored in person at every site and can tell you firsthand that it is so much better! In person, we can connect joyfully, move more quickly through content, infuse more academic rigor, and build a sense of community. In person, we can make even more of a difference.

And while we understand that there are many challenges due to the ongoing pandemic, we also want you to know that we are continuing to be as safe as possible by requiring vaccines for all adults and reinforcing masking for everyone. The data shows that we can meet students’ needs safely with these measures in place.

The only thing missing from our programs is you! We invite you to come back or sign up now as a weekly 826 Valencia volunteer.


I can’t wait to see you,

A Message From Our Executive Director
Bita Nazarian
826 Valencia Executive Director