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Hello 826 alumni! We’re so glad you found this page. Over the past few years, 826 Valencia has been working to find new ways to both support our former students and involve them in our work. Click the links below to explore resources and opportunities specifically for our alums!

Quick Links for Alumni

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FAQsfor Alumni

How can I get involved as an 826 alum?

However you’d like to, really! From volunteering to work with current students in our programs to copyediting our student publications to joining our Alumni Board, there’s an opportunity out there for everyone. Our alumni engagement survey details all of these options and more, and is the best way to let us know how you’d like to get in touch. We’re also always open to new methods of collaboration, and we encourage you to email us at if you have any ideas to share!

I’m an alum of a different 826 chapter. Can I still get involved?

Absolutely! We encourage you to first reach out to your original chapter by emailing any staff members you recognize from your time as a student—we know firsthand how much they’d love to hear from you. If you’re unable to reach them—or relocated to the Bay and want to get involved with the Valencia chapter!—follow any of the links on this page or email and we can direct you to any opportunity you’re interested in.

What’s the alumni board?

Established in 2019, the Alumni Board is a group of former 826 Valencia students who are interested in giving back to the organization by planning alumni engagement projects to build the alumni community. We fill new alumni board positions on an annual basis, and this opportunity is open to alums who are not currently undergraduates. Fill out our engagement survey if you’re interested in joining!

How do I learn about job openings or internships at 826?

The quickest way to learn about job opening and internships is by following 826 Valencia on LinkedIn and joining our Alumni LinkedIn group, where these opportunities are frequently re-posted and promoted. We also highlight 826 career opportunities in our alumni and general newsletters—subscribe here to receive the most up-to-date news from our ship captain’s deck!

Do you still have the book my third grade class wrote on a field trip in 2005?
  • 2005?

Probably! In our Mission Center office, we have a Mary Poppins-esque bookshelf filled to the brim with books—a beautiful sedimentary rock of over two decades of student publications, if you will. So your book is likely somewhere there, nestled between newspapers and magazines and Captain Blue’s forgotten treasure maps. Drop us a line at if you’d like to hunt for it!