Archivists of the Arts (Ages 13-18)

Description A three-week workshop Teacher Pranav Trewn For who Open to 13 students, ages 13-18 When Sundays, October 6, 20, and 27th Time 5-7 p.m. Location 826 Valencia Writing Lab
Archivists of the Arts is intended as a three-session workshop on music writing for students between the ages of thirteen and eighteen. By the end of the workshop, students will have produced both a draft editorial piece and a corresponding pitch to send to an editor.

Across multiple sessions, students will have the opportunity to both read selections curated for class as well as share examples of their own favorite forms of music writing. In addition to exposure, the lesson plan will emphasize understanding how these formats differ from one another in terms of goals and digging into what makes an article successful. Students will learn how to turn their natural interests into creative questions, and leverage those questions as guiding prompts that will become journalism. These lessons will cover iterating on and refining an idea into a thesis and clear point of view, both before and during the writing process, in addition to instruction on conducting research, outlining, editing, and finalizing. Students will engage in discussions and conduct activities in-class to understand and refine those skills, as well as activities between sessions to advance their own idea for an article into a rough draft.

To enroll in this workshop fill out the following Google Form: After registering, you will receive an email to confirm your place in the workshop.

Event dates:
October 6, 20, and 27