Bees Causing Traffic

What do you brush a bee’s hair with? A “honeycomb.”

Some months ago, in Coachella, there was a traffic accident where 3.6 million bees died. The bees were being transported in a semi-truck. While driving, there was another semi-truck carrying chickens. They both crashed into each other, and bees got stressed, and that’s how they died.

According Tim Muhrlin, a beekeeper in San Francisco, 2.5 million beehives come to California by being transported in semi-trucks every year. There was another bee car crash in Seattle on April 17, 2015. 320 beehives were lost.

Regarding bees in semi-trucks, David Basile, a beekeeper in Berkeley said, “I am angry because the choices people make are so wrong, and I feel compassion for [bees], because they don’t know any better and feel like there is no other choice.”

Bees get transported in semi-trucks so that they can help farms to pollinate their plants. According to David Basile, he doesn’t think that bees should be transported, because it is bad for their health and stresses them out.

“This combined with the awful diet [some] beekeepers give them makes them prone to sickness and disease. In other words, the way beekeepers are caring for their bees is killing the bees.”

According to Tim Muhrlin, bees are used to being transported to pollinate crops, because it has been happening since the old days.

“I think the bees just put up with being moved around,” said Tim Muhrlin. “They quickly orient to their surrounding area and start doing their job.”

We should care about our bees, because they are what make our world beautiful.

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