Powering a Light Bulb with Fruit

Did you know you can power a light bulb with fruit because of the acid in the juice?

All you need for this project are these things:

– Two lemons
– Stiff copper wire
– Large steel paper clips
– Thin copper wire
– One small flashlight bulb

In order for you to make it work, you have to follow a lot of steps. According to ehow.com, first you take a lemon and put pressure on it with your palm. You need to do this to let the juice and the pulp get out; this gives you a good battery. You need to make it soft without smashing it into a mess. Cut two lengths of the copper wire a few inches long. Put each end into a lemon. Unfold the steel paper clip and press one in each of the lemons. Take the copper wire and connect the steel from one lemon with the copper from the other. After that one, connect the other steel wire and the other copper wire to the light bulb. Then the light bulb should turn on.

So where does the electricity come from? The chemical energy in the lemon is transformed into electrical energy that powers the light bulb.

I think this is interesting because you can power it with fruit instead of using what you usually use, like a battery. You can try it home.

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