The Decline of Newspapers

According to the Newspaper Association of America (NAA), newspapers sales have dropped drastically as the years go on. Technology gets stronger every year and newspapers are becoming obsolete. People appreciate newspapers that you can put in your pocket now, not ones that you have to pay for. One of the main reasons newspapers are going out of business is because of ads. “Most of the money from newspapers come[s] from advertising,” says Los Angeles Times reporter Chris Megerian. “If people stop buying ads, it can be a problem.” One example of this is that in 2005, newspapers made almost 50 million dollars from ads. In 2012, however, they made 22 million dollars from ads.

Newspapers are becoming purely nostalgic. According to Megerian, when you read a newspaper you find it enjoyable. So if you read a paper newspaper eight years ago, you probably still read it now. But newcomers to newspapers choose the more convenient option, which is on the Internet.

Because technology is advancing quickly, Megerian sees the day when paper newspapers will become ancient, but he will not lose his job. Even though paper newspapers are becoming obsolete, there is still a newspaper business. Electronic newspapers are taking over so it’s possible they will need some more people in the business. It will probably need people with experience, and people who worked with paper newspapers are probably good for it. So in the future you will see people who used to work for paper newspapers on the electronic newspaper team.

All that said, there are advantages to reading paper newspapers. For one, it is a more reliable source. Imagine going on the internet to read the New York Times but you see a much better article on a different website. Just because it looks better does not make it true. Also, newspapers are cheap. People who can’t afford a phone or anything to give them some news on the spot can just sit down and read one.

So in conclusion, electronic newspapers are growing, but people are struggling to keep paper newspapers alive. What do I think? I think as long as we can access newspapers in our pockets I am fine, but some people like the quality of the paper ones. What do you like better?

The Valencia Bay-farer is exclusively paper.

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