The Captain’s Log released during SF Design Week

We were proud to host the letterer and designer Erik Marinovich for a happy hour Q&A during AIGA’s SF Design Week 2015. Erik’s most recent design project with 826 Valencia is the third installation of the Captain’s Log, a limited-edition journal series. He joined us in the Pirate Store on Friday evening, signing books with a flourish and a gold pen at the event. He has previously worked with 826 Valencia on a Young Authors’ Book Project cover design for The Enter Question, as well as with other local favorites like the YBCA, Ichi Sushi, and Almanac Beer. You’ll also have seen his work featured by Criterion Group, Nike, Sonos, Sharpie, Target, Google, and many more.

He talked with the Design Week crowd about always pushing himself to continue learning and trying new things that break out beyond the mold, mentioning that once everyone else starts doing brush work he will actually stop doing projects involving brush work, so that his work will stand out and stay ahead of the trends. This drive and energy helps attract new clients because they are excited by the fresh face of the work he is creating. When asked how he stays fresh creatively, he told us about his exactly 31 minute walk to work at his studio, but also the importance of taking time off to do personal projects. We learned too that he wanted to be a comic book artist when he was young but at a career fair he was told the average salary and canceled those dreams. His advice was this—never tell a kid their dream job salary, and here at 826 Valencia where we cultivate creative writing we agree that this is probably very wise advice.

If you missed the event, you can still pick up a signed Captain’s Log in the Pirate Supply Store, but get it soon because once they’re gone, they’re gone! The Captain’s Log is just the place to put all those star charts and navigational notes you’ve heretofore been stashing in crumpled bunches in pockets and drawers and other misguided places. Keep your voyage plans—and your almost too accurate caricatures of the entire crew—safe in this fine leather-like notebook. Interior pages are lined, graph, or blank.