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826 welcomes guest artist Amanda Lopez

On Tuesday, April 2nd, the Writing Lab welcomed guest artist Amanda Lopez. Amanda joined us during After-School Tutoring to share her career as…

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Shadi Rahimi speaks to After-school Tutoring students

Shadi Rahimi, a journalist, photographer, and videographer, joined us in the Writing Lab during after-school tutoring to talk to students and tutors about…

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826 Valencia’s new Evening Tutoring Program

We are now in our second semester of our first year offering Evening Tutoring, an extension of After-school Tutoring for middle and high school students.

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A new semester, a brand new Young Writers’ Wall

Thursday, January 17, marked the unveiling of the ninth installment of the Young Writers’ Wall. Our writing lab was bursting at the seams with students,…

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Rio Yañez talks 3D with students in after-school tutoring

On Wednesday, November 7, the hard-at-work students of 826’s After-School Tutoring Program took a moment’s rest from their homework to welcome the highly accomplished…

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Robert Moses visits the writing lab at 826 Valencia

Robert Moses visits After-School Tutoring The Writers’ Lab at 826 Valencia got off to an amazing start this week with a visit…

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Jewels Smith, creator of (H)aftrocentric: the Comic, visits After-school tutoring

On Tuesday May 8 we had the privilege of welcoming local artist Juliana “Jewels” Smith to the writing lab. Jewels is the author of…

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Sirron Norris talks giant blue bears with students from After-school tutoring

If you’ve ever laid eyes on one of the many murals around San Francisco featuring giant, blue bears and wondered about the artist responsible for…

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Local artist Robert Trujillo visits the writing lab

On Tuesday, March 20, the students in our after-school tutoring program took a much needed break from their homework to welcome special guest speaker Robert…