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Meet our February Volunteer of the Month, Naomi Marcus

We just wrapped up one of our biggest tutoring projects of the year — the Young Authors’ Book Project — and feel so…

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Meet Debra Asher, our November Volunteer of the Month

Our November Volunteer of the Month Debra Asher has been involved in our After-School Program at BVHM for three years, and we are so grateful…

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Meet our October Volunteer of the Month!

“Hooray! Igor is the best!” That’s what our staff has to say about our October Volunteer of the Month, Igor Belogolovsky, who’s been an indispensable…

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Meet our September Volunteer of the Month

Our volunteers are like lighthouses in the wave-filled ocean of life. We’ve been especially thankful for Amy Sheth, our September volunteer of the month, as…

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Meet Mitchell, our Volunteer of the Month!

Our summer has finally come to a close (sigh), and it simply wouldn’t be in the pirate spirit to not acknowledge our summer volunteers. Volunteer…

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Get to Know Volunteer of the Month Bratati Karmakar!

Our volunteers come from far and wide to support our programs— some from the magical woods, others from the high seas, and in the case…

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Meet Volunteer of the Month Christine Innes

Our work requires a big community. In addition to volunteer tutors, we need deck-swabbers, fish-bowl-cleaners, and gnome-home-painters. Another important type of volunteer? Designers!…

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Meet Nancy Prickitt, Volunteer of the Month!

May is when we begin to wrap up the school year and prepare to set sail into our summer programs. But first,…

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Meet Joel Bean, our April Volunteer of the Month

Have you met Joel yet? He is one of our amazing Mission Bay tutors!