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May Volunteer of the Month: Will Georgantas

We could not possibly publish the caliber of brilliant student writing we do without the dedication of our volunteers, and we feel especially grateful to have an eagle-eyed professional copy editor on our team.

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April Volunteer of the Month: Darryl Forman

Darryl has been a tried and true volunteer with 826 Valencia since 2011, tutoring in school classrooms as well as editing for our publications.

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Gloria is our Volunteer of the Month!

Gloria Lenhart says that helping with 826 field trip program is the highlight of her week. She shows up every Tuesday morning, taking her place behind the keyboard to help shape a bunch of crazy characters dreamed up the young writers into a cohesive story.

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Carmela Marquez: February Volunteer of the Month

Carmela can often be found in 826 Valencia’s kitchenette, cracking jokes and slicing apples for our After-School Tutoring students. She’s an invaluable volunteer and we appreciate her immensely.

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Melissa van Gelder: January Volunteer of the Month

Melissa van Gelder, a San Francisco native and (somewhat) recent graduate of UCLA, has been volunteering at 826 Valencia since moving back to the…

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Volunteer of the Month: Carolyn Schultz

When Carolyn Schultz began After-school tutoring at 826 she quickly mastered the art of finding a fellow tutor who could help students with math homework. Carolyn zoomed in…

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E. Eastman is our September Volunteer of the Month

E. Eastman is a stylish man, but look deeper and you’ll also find an amazing tutor who wears many hats at 826 Valencia. In…

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Meet the August Volunteer of the Month: Lucy Kirchner

Lucy Kirchner has been staying up late with the always amazing, often stirring, and hilarious writing of 826 students since 2007. She has hung…

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Meet the July Volunteer of the Month: Bear Toffoli

Bear is an avid cookbook reader, a word warrior (i.e. poet), a music junkie, a fromage fanatic, and an all-night dancer.  He began volunteering…