Congratulations to Patricia Diaz Frank, Our December Teacher of the Month!

826 Valencia is happy to announce that Patricia Diaz Frank of Moscone Elementary School is our December Teacher of the Month! Ms. Diaz Frank teaches a third grade bilingual class at Moscone. After we received handfuls of letters from current students, past students, sibling of students, and parents, all of which sparkled with praises of Ms. Diaz Frank, we knew that she had made a huge impact on her school and her community.

Lizbeth Gallardo, a former student of Ms. Diaz Frank and a long time attendee of the 826 drop-in tutoring program, lights up when she begins to talk about her favorite teacher. “She did her best to help me and the other kids in the class.” Ms. Diaz Frank stayed late after school with Lizbeth and other students to assist them with their homework.  “It never felt like extra work. It always was fun,” says Lizbeth. Other students and parents were relieved and grateful to have Ms. Diaz Frank’s support after school.  Silvia Lopez, whose daughter also had Ms. Diaz Frank, wrote that the huge academic advancement her daughter made last year was a result of her teacher.

Another parent was impressed by Ms. Diaz Frank’s tireless concern for her entire class. “She spends extra time with her students who need help so that at the end of the year all of her class is at the same level.” So many dedicated parents wrote to us to emphasize how this teacher matched their own care for their children’s success in school.

Ms. Diaz Frank pours all of her energy into her teaching. It is clear that every student and parent who has interacted with her would agree with Carolina Vigil, who wrote, “As a mother of a student in her class, I see how she puts all of her heart into her teaching in order to fight for a cleaner and better future.” Thank you, Ms. Diaz Frank, for making your classroom such a warm and successful place. We’re so fortunate to have teachers like you in our community.