Congratulations to the 826 Build Team!

Our three centers are known for their whimsy and wonder, but they weren’t magically imbued with such qualities. We had some pretty special folks who worked very hard to make them that way — folks that we think are pretty fantastic, and deserve to be recognized for their amazing contributions to our work and our community! That’s why we nominated them for an AIASF Social Impact Award. And we’re proud to announce that they won!

We are so excited about this fantastic award, which went to our entire Mission Bay build team — Johan Kellner of WRNS Studio, BCCI Construction, Office, and the over 100 other subcontractors that created this space. They were all integral in engineering the center that now allows so many students to run wild in the enchanted forests of their imaginations, and they did it all pro bono.

They have been such supportive members of our community, helping us to design and build our center in the Tenderloin before agreeing to assist with our newest center in Mission Bay. We couldn’t imagine a group more deserving of this award. Congratulations!