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Core Valuesat 826 Valencia

In order to realize our mission to serve our students and communities, we hold the following core values in our work with one another and our community. These are our commitments to each other as a team at 826 Valencia.

Value Diversity and Work Toward Equity

We understand that our identities are intersectional and multi-faceted.  These identities and our lived experiences influence who we are and how we show up to work.  We strive to make sure that each person gets what they need to feel successful, that all backgrounds and experiences are valued, and that there are a range of alternative points of view that positively influence outcomes.  We also recognize that our development is in process, and we are committed to learning together over time.


Work as a Team and Help Each Other

We prioritize collaboration and helping each other out.  We celebrate one another’s successes and help solve problems proactively.   


Communicate Courageously, Respectfully, and Clearly

A commitment to clear and respectful communication is a part of everyone’s job description and we strive toward transparency when possible.  Sometimes challenges arise, and we encourage each other to address challenges and work through solutions together.  Conflict is natural, and we work continuously to address and repair harm. 


Own Our Work

To realize our mission in service to students and families, it is essential that we work with integrity, and take responsibility for our individual role as well as the organization as a whole. Trust is built through consistent follow through and being accountable to our community, staff, and one another.


Build an Inclusive Community

Our organization’s success depends on the strength of relationships—we always strive to welcome all community members in the warmest way possible. We respond to the needs of the communities we are serving, respect the diverse perspectives that exist, and support people to be themselves at work.


Strive for Excellence

We hold our students and ourselves to high standards and are constantly seeking ways to deliver our best through a continual cycle of planning, execution, reflection, and improvement. We recognize that excellence can look different for various community members.


Support Wellness

When working with our staff, students, and community members, we strive to work in a way that supports everyone’s wellbeing. This can include setting boundaries and making considerations to what people are going through in their own personal lives that might be affecting their work or full participation. Be generous with each other, and allow for nimbleness, flexibility, and adaptability to make space for our full lives.


Keep it Weird, Whimsical, and Wonderful

We celebrate the imagination, and strive to keep our spaces and work fun. 


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