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Why Give?

Because our work is only possible with your support.

Because our free programs are almost entirely funded by donations of all sizes from individuals like you.

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Because we serve over 9,000 under-resourced students a year, and we’re always growing, expanding, and deepening our impact.

Because writing is empowerment, and imagination is important.

Because our students are writing the future.

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Your Impact

$50 provides one student a full afternoon of one-on-one tutoring support in all subjects.

$120 sponsors one high school senior to attend an intensive workshop and leave with a polished personal statement for college applications.

$250 gives one San Francisco public school teacher a session of classroom support for specialized writing projects.

$750 allows one student to participate in our After-School Tutoring Program for a full semester.

$1500 gives a teacher access to a field trip for the entire class where each student leaves with a professionally illustrated, personalized publication.

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826 VALENCIA IS A 501(C)(3) AND OUR TAX ID # IS 04-3694151