Message in a Bottle: Student podcasts from our Tenderloin Center

Each day, students from across the city come to the Tenderloin Center to work with tutors to write and record an episode they’re proud to share. Listen to our featured podcasts from each field trip below. To hear all our podcasts, check out our SoundCloud page.

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2016-2017 Season:

Seventh graders from KIPP Bayview Academy worked with 826 tutors to write a story about a special moment in their life. Below, Jaedyn describes a family trip to the magical beach of Grand Turk.

Eighth graders from Presidio Middle School worked with 826 tutors to revise a classroom assignment about a moment in time that mattered. Below, Ethan describes the challenges of being a “big, friendly giant.”

Eighth graders from Aptos Middle School worked with 826 tutors to revise a classroom essay that makes connections between a historical event and a contemporary issue. Below, Ava reflects on the abolitionist movement and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Third graders from Boys & Girls Club — Columbia Park worked with 826 Valencia tutors to write a “Where I’m From” poem. Below, Eric shares the many places he’s been and where he hopes to go.