Food and identity writing potluck

Description A writing workshop for our volunteer community Teacher Rotating local writers and activists For who 826 Valencia volunteers and friends (and potential volunteers!) When Every two months beginning November 6 Time 5-7 p.m. Location 826 Valencia Tenderloin Center - 180 Golden Gate Ave.
It’s never just a meal. Food carries ancestry, power, and stories. We wanted to ask our volunteer community and our Tenderloin neighbors: what does food mean to us? For this workshop we wanted to bring people together to write about the food that is meaningful to them. This is the stuff that makes us who we are – literally!

You can expect to bring a food or drink item that is meaningful to you, a chance to mingle and eat, then a guided set of writing exercises, and time to write before we close out. We’ll use prompts and themes based on student voices and writing.

No need to bring any prior work, unless you are particularly interested in pursuing a larger project in our space, as we will generate new work together.

You can RSVP through this form. After enrolling, you’ll receive an email confirmation.