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Tyler first worked with 826 Valencia in the “Acting for Critical Thought” program at Downtown High School. With the support of 826 tutors, she wrote a play and a monologue, both of which were published and performed in a collection of writing about educational reform and injustice.

“Writing is like an outlet,” she says. “I like to write because I can look back and see how much I’ve grown and changed since I started writing.”
Every day at 826 Valencia, we witness the pride our students take in seeing their work in print, on stage, or on a podcast. Writing is agency; it’s a tool for telling your story, expressing a point of view, processing experiences, and bringing imagination to life. And by sharing their stories with a wide audience, our students inspire understanding across difference, making the world a more inclusive place. This is vital work, not just for our young people, but for our democracy.
We agree with Tyler — writing is essential. With your support, we’ll help more students build those crucial skills that will take them far.
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