Support 826 Valencia on #GivingTuesdayNow

There’s plenty that feels uncertain and stormy these days, so it’s nice to be able to state something definitively: it’s #GivingTuesdayNow. At 826 Valencia, our free programs run on your generosity every day of the year. Our work is funded almost entirely by donations, and we’re able to provide free, unique, impactful writing and publishing programs because thousands of people volunteer their time. It’s awe-inspiring.

And we especially need your support today.

Students and educators are facing an interruption in school time with dire consequences. These will be felt most profoundly by youth who live in under-resourced communities, which are already disproportionately impacted and harmed by COVID-19.

These times call for adapting our support to meet our students’ urgent needs, while remaining a source of writing and academic support and a space for creativity. We’ve quickly pivoted our programs online, where we’re serving students every day. While sheltered-in-place, our staff will be providing virtual writing and tutoring support to over 600 students in collaboration with 25 teachers, on everything from individualized tutoring to writing curriculum that meets students where they are now. We’ve also helped families navigate online learning, access technology and food services, and meet other fundamental needs. Through it all, we’re inspired by our young people’s resilience and the power of their voices. The world needs these voices now.

Your gift today will help ensure that we weather this crisis together, adapt to support our students, and emerge in a strong position to meet their needs in the face of challenges still ahead.  

On this Giving Tuesday, or random Tuesday in May, or whatever this day is (we’re pretty sure it’s Tuesday, though), please consider joining us with a gift.


Support 826 Valencia on #GivingTuesdayNow