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Odes to a Hero

Odes to a Hero is a collaborative project between 826 Valencia, the Saint Francis Foundation, and Saint Francis Memorial Hospital. Funding for this project was provided in part by Saint Francis Foundation.

The goals of the project are to increase appreciation of San Francisco’s healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic and boost spirits at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital.

We asked middle school students at our Mission Bay Center: What motivates healthcare workers to do their tough jobs? How do we thank them?

After reading bios for six healthcare workers from Saint Francis Memorial Hospital, the students prepared interview questions and met with the heroes. They took what they learned from each person and wrote odes to the healthcare workers that celebrate and honor their dedication.

Illustrated by artists Tony Manalo and Elizabeth McConaughy-Oliver, framed artworks featuring the original student writing will be hung in a busy thoroughfare at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital from October-December 2021. Each whimsical artwork features the healthcare workers’ favorite flowers and plants and other calming imagery designed to boost morale.

Thank you to the inspiring healthcare workers for giving their time to this project! Our students were in awe of each of you.

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Thanks so much for including me in this unique and artistic project. I just really love the work that you all do and I am honored to be a part of it.

— Julie Maxson, Manager, Care Coordination at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital
Healthcare Workers

Donnie Nelson

Sonia Melara

Monique Randolph

Maggie Murillo

Joanne Sun MD

Julie Maxson
826 Valencia Student Writers

Isaac Meza Guarneros, Age 12

Justin Li, Age 12

Elijah Molina, Age 11

Clayton Hill, Age 12

Jose Martin Gomez, Age 12

Bethany Jimenez, Age 10

Lisa Li, Age 12

Blanca Estrada, Age 11

Mamoun Alduais, Age 12