Meet our first Teacher of the Month of 2020: Vlada Teper

January is a time of so many fresh starts: a new calendar, a new school semester, and at 826 Valencia a treasure trove of new projects. But despite this newness, some things stay the same — like the amazing work that teachers across San Francisco do! In that spirit, we’d like to announce our January Teacher of the Month, Vlada Teper. Ms. Teper is a teacher at San Francisco International High School (SFIHS) known for her commitment to her students and school community, both inside and outside of the classroom. 

A founding member of SFIHS, Ms. Teper has forged a lasting bond with many of her students and fellow teachers, allowing her to have a deep impact. One colleague says, “Vlada goes above and beyond for her students. She creates a safe space in her classroom by recognizing each student as an individual and decorates her classroom with students’ work about growth mindset.”

Beyond the classroom, she’s been integral in providing extra spaces for students to explore their own unique experiences with being newcomers in the United States She runs Peace Club at SFIHS, in which students participate in cross-cultural empathy building, practice nonviolent communication, and learn about diverse traditions. One student says, “Ms.Vlada always works hard for her community and the school… She accepts all of the different cultures and tries her best to make those students who just came to the United States, feel warm, feel loved, and feel welcomed.”

Beyond Peace Club, she fosters community amongst her students by taking them on camping trips throughout the year, crafting the school’s internship curriculum, and helping to run Career Day. 

As one student says, “I don’t want to sound boring or anything, but I say this from the bottom of my heart: Ms.Vlada is an incredible, amazing teacher. She cares about her students a lot, and is fair to everyone. She is a woman of integrity. I feel extremely grateful that I have met her as my teacher in my life.

Thank you, Ms. Teper, for your commitment to your students and community, and congratulations on this award! 


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