Join us for this year’s Storytellers’ Showcase!

This post was written collaboratively by members of our Mission Center Youth Leadership Advisory Board: Isabella Hansen, Emilie Mayer, Eduardo Olivera-Diaz, and Keily Ponce. 

Join us for this year's Storytellers' Showcase!First of all, 826’s Youth Leadership Advisory Boards are thrilled to be hosting this Showcase! YLAB is a group of youths who help as community tutors and mentors. YLABers also are constantly writing and reading. We are storytellers and observers, which is why we are so excited to listen to this upcoming Showcase’s diverse set of tales. We will be emceeing, hosting, presenting, and so much more.  

In addition to all the YLAB students, you will also see young writers from across our programs. Throughout the virtual Storyteller’s showcase students of all ages from numerous 826 programs will be presenting. Most of the work being read just recently came out in our spring publications. The youth of 826 have brilliant minds and a passion for writing. From poetry to fiction to journalism there will be something for everyone! It would be a shame to miss out! You will be entertained and informed throughout this wonderful Storyteller’s Showcase.

Join us for this year's Storytellers' Showcase!

The showcase will start at 4:00 pm and last until 5:00 pm on Thursday, May 28. During this time like many things happening now, it will take place in a virtual setting, with a digital app software Zoom.’ As we and others as well truly want the Showcase to be in the flesh but because of certain circumstances during this time and many things happening it cannot be. But, we think that the passion and creativity and the power of each student’s writing will dazzle and shine through the screen. You’ll get to see and contemplate the magic of students’ readings and as student authors of their own. You’ll also see a panel of 826 students, and even a quick raffle! 

So, why should people be interested in attending? Because if you join you can show support to all of the students and maybe even relate to something they wrote. Also, you should be interested in joining because everyone is going to have lots of fun and learn lots of new things about YLABers, 826 students, and their stories. This is an important event for our students and community because YLABers and some other students are going to be participating and sharing their stories and projects that they made with really hard work and dedication.You might even learn from people’s stories, lives, and cultures and that can benefit you in a positive way in your daily life. This is something important because this happens once a year, it’s fun, and we get to hear everyone and have lots of fun together as a community and share out. Thank you all for coming and we hope you enjoy it.

Learn more about it here!