Kiani Mitchell is our January Teacher of the Month!

It’s the start of the new year and we are ready to celebrate another teacher. This month, we’re excited to honor Ms. Kiani Mitchell as our January Teacher of the Month! Ms. Mitchell is a sixth grade math teacher at Everett Middle School who has been teaching for more than five years. 

Ms. Kiani Mitchell always strives to keep students at the center of her work. Her colleagues share that she “keeps us focused on how our lessons will be received by our students.” Another teacher shares that Ms. Mitchell “sees the strengths in every child and never lets the rest of us stray from our true work to teach and uplift ALL students.” The teachers at Everett appreciate  Ms. Mitchell’s focus and dedication as she helps them to do their best for their students. 

Kiani Mitchell is our January Teacher of the Month!

In this way, Ms. Mitchell’s positive attitude in the classroom goes a long way to inspire her colleagues. They share that “Ms. Mitchell is always giving 100%. She shows up every day and asks great questions to push our thinking.” Her colleagues also appreciate how Ms. Mitchell “keeps it positive no matter what. In a time when there is so much one could complain about, she refuses to sink in a place of negativity.”

Ms. Mitchell’s dedication is directly felt by her students as well, who appreciate the ways she creates an inclusive space for them to learn. Her colleagues say that she “knows the value of building community and relationships with students.” One of Ms. Mitchell’s former students shares that “the vibe in her class is one of the best” and that they want to “appreciate Miss Mitchell cause she is an awesome teacher.” Students at Everett really appreciate the thoughtful manner in which Ms. Mitchell teaches and the positive atmosphere she creates in the classroom. As another student puts it: “I wanna thank you for being faithful in me and leading me in the right path.”

Thank you for everything you do for your students, Ms. Mitchell—we appreciate you! Congratulations on being 826 Valencia’s January Teacher of the Month!