826 Valencia and Kid President want you to be more awesome.

826 Valencia is thrilled to announce a new partnership connecting the 826 students at Buena Vista Horace Mann to Kid President, in his efforts to make the world a more awesome place. Kid President and Soul Pancake are on a mission to make the world more friendly, and to do this, are putting together a new book, Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome. Kid President asked the third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade students at BVHM to write letters to the younger students at their school, to help them learn how to be more awesome. Read below to find out the important advice that the students had, including lessons about life, how to be a good friend, and how to do well at school.

Dear younger students,
The way you can get or make new friends is to be nice to people and introduce yourself. If someone is left out and you see them alone, you should invite them to play, and if they are too shy, engage them to play. Make them feel that they are not alone, you are with them, and that they know that they can have new friends too. Then you can have new friends!
Sincerely, Gigi, Grade 5

Dear 3rd graders,
My advice to you is to be good at school and work hard. Don’t let anyone boss you around. Always try your best. Never give up. You can be a good friend by being nice and showing someone around, if they are new. Always say hello to whoever comes your way. Never say never. Never say no to a person because they’re too ugly and you don’t want them to play. Work your best so when you’re big you can get into a better college. My last advice to you is that when you go to 5th grade it is going to be FUN.
Sincerely, Nataly, Grade 5
p.s. If someone falls, give them a hand.

Dear new friends,
You could be a good friend by helping your friends and being kind. You could also be a good friend by never getting your best friend in trouble. I like my friends because they are nice and they never get me in trouble. Finally, I like my friends because I feel like they are my family.

I also want to tell you about one regret that I have, from the beginning of the year. I stuck a big piece of paper to the wall of my room, and I can’t get it off because it’s stuck with Super Glue. Super Glue is really sticky. Something else you should know is to always follow directions.
Sincerely, Daphne, Grade 4
p.s. You should go to 826 Valencia because it is really fun!

Dear kids,
Have you ever made a mistake? Of course you have. Was it bad? What is the worst mistake you have ever made? Well no matter what, you are awesome. No matter how many mistakes you make. And remember, the worst mistake you can make is to not forgive someone for their mistake because love is loud. Even if hate has a TRUMPET, love is always louder. Also, you should love your work. I love science! When I do science, I pay attention, I remember what I learn, and do well on the tests. One of the keys to being happy with a subject is having success in it. Everyone loves success because it feels good. It feels good to succeed, so enjoy it.

What subject is hard for you? Math is hardest for me. I sometimes don’t understand it, and when the teacher is telling me to persist, I lose track of the little things I have accomplished. Yes, I’ve been there and you know what? Do you know how to solve that? It’s easy! Take a mini-break. Then when you’re done, ask the teacher to explain it again. Don’t stress, it just makes it worse. Remember, there’s always a way!
Sincerely, Adela, Grade 4

Dear 2nd graders,
I am going to give you advice on friendship. Be friendly and nice when you meet someone. Smile at your friends every day. When your friends do something for you, always say, “please” and “thank you.” Share with all your friends: like if you get 100 scoops of ice cream and your friend doesn’t, you can give them 50 scoops and you will still get 50 scoops too.
Sincerely, Gaby, Grade 3

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*Photo by Lisa Beth Anderson.