Three cheers for our Teacher of the Month, Ms. Lauren Berry

826 Valencia is pleased to announce Ms. Lauren Berry as the March Teacher of the Month!

Ms. Berry is a beloved first-grade teacher at the New School of San Francisco, where fellow teachers and students’ parents praise her for her commitment to inclusiveness and equity, mentioning how her inclusive approach lets students’ voices shine through in many different ways.
One of her students, Chyna, said, “Ms. Lauren gives us math problems and picks me up at my house so that I can go to school. She just helps me! She gets me tomato soup for lunch.”
We also heard comments of how Lauren makes sure all students have the same great opportunities—from helping a student throw a birthday party to making students feel included even when they miss school plays, parades, or other important events. She also brainstormed with her class ways they could help out schools affected by the recent Northern California fires.
One of her colleagues said, “Ms. Lauren is a shining star! As her co-teacher, she constantly inspires me to become a better leader, teacher, and human every day. I love how Lauren always puts people first and sees the best in everyone.”
She motivates her students, while also holding them to high standards, no matter the circumstances. The support she gives her students and coworkers brings positive results for everyone in the school community. No wonder we received so many nominations praising this amazing teacher!
We are happy to acknowledge a teacher with such a bright and positive attitude, who seems to care about everyone around her. Thanks for all your hard work, Ms. Berry, and congratulations on landing our Teacher of the Month Award!
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