Let’s celebrate our January Volunteer of the Month: Vilasini Roy!

It’s the dawn of a decade — the roaring of a new 20s, and our programs remain vibrant spaces of pirating, adventuring, and magic-making. We’re ever thankful to our valiant volunteers who keep the creativity churning. In that spirit, we’d like to recognize our January Volunteer of the Month: Vilasini Roy! Vilasini is a staple in our Storytelling and Bookmaking field trips alongside Captain Blue. Read on to find out what keeps her coming back as the years chug along. 

1. What is one of your favorite moments (memories, experiences or anecdotes!) from volunteering with 826 Valencia?

I love when students return to the field trips, one or even two years later, and remember what they did before: their story, protagonists and antagonists, and obviously, Captain Blue. It’s tough to know the effect the field trips have in just a couple of hours, and seeing students retain what they learned, and the enthusiasm they feel even a year later is so exciting! Also, the stories they come up with at each field trip are pure magic. Have you ever met a shape-shifting rubber dinosaur who likes giving manicures? Bet you haven’t. 

2. What led you to become part of our volunteer community?

I moved to the U.S. and San Francisco in early 2018, and wanted to find ways to connect with the city and my new neighborhood in a creative and fun way. 826 was right down the street; I went for the orientation, and was hooked instantly! 

3. Given a choice of the three, which would you choose: pirates, pufferfish, or woodland creatures? Why?

Definitely Pirates. Especially book-hunting, pizza-loving pirates. Plus, they have the best outfits. And eye-patches. 

4. What would we find you doing when not you’re not volunteering at 826?

Eating, cooking, reading murder mysteries, watching plays and stand-up, getting super caught up in true-crime podcasts, and generally arguing politics, usually over a beer. I also volunteer at another non-profit that works with refugees and immigrants in the Bay Area. 

5. What is a piece of advice you would give a new 826 volunteer?

Be patient, be enthusiastic, and learn from the other volunteers around you – there’s a mountain of knowledge and everyone’s happy to share. 


You heard it here first, and in the first month of the new decade, to boot! We’d be glad to have you join Vilasini in our whimsical, impactful field trips, or in any of our programs! Sign up here to volunteer.