Liss Fain Dance helps students combine writing with dance

An exciting marriage of words and movement was the result of this past weekend’s writing workshop, Dancing to the Rhythm of Words. Liss Fain–mastermind behind the contemporary and modern dance company Liss Fain Dance–taught this workshop with middle and high school youth on the articulation of gesture within dance and the process of creative collaboration. The students who attended this unique event were provided individualized instruction by members of the Liss Fain Dance Company and learned to develop choreography based on their own written works.

Here’s a snippet of writing from student Kyra Newcomb during this one-day workshop:

“Markos glanced back and forth down the narrow alleyway. He was running late and the sun was bound to set in the next few minutes. If he didn’t make it back in time, he would probably meet one or more of the multiple bandits and thieves that stalked around the desolate war zone.

Markos ran across the alley, trying to be silent as his bare and dirty feet slapped the rubble on the street. A bang sounded out and he froze.”