Making Metaphors in the Mission: Intro to Poetry (7th-8th Graders)

Description A one-day workshop Teacher Rae Kim and Eva Whitney For who Open to 13 students, grades 7 & 8 When Sunday, October 28   Time 5-7 p.m. Location 826 Valencia Writing Lab
Join us for Making Metaphors in The Mission!

Students will read both classic and modern poems, exploring the eclectic culture of San Francisco. We’ll discuss poetic devices to build a poetic vocabulary, and familiarize students with reading and writing poetry. Prompts are sprinkled at intervals, and students will draw from individual San Franciscan experiences to inspire their pieces. You will emerge with a sparkling poem about your own adventures in the city! Taught by two Creative Writing students from Ruth Asawa School of the Arts, this course will inspire young poets to create from experience.

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Event dates:
Oct. 28