Celebrating Maria Herrera Paredes, our November Teacher of the Month!

We’re pleased to introduce Maria Herrera Paredes as our November Teacher of the Month! Ms. Herrera has been working at Alvarado Elementary School for over 10 years now as a Spanish Immersion Kindergarten teacher. Keep reading to learn why she landed our Teacher of the Month Award.

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We were so glad to read the comments of parents, students, and fellow teachers alike, all marveling at the hard work that Ms. Herrera has been doing for her students and the entire school community. She was described as generous, dedicated, great at communicating with parents, intuitive, fun, and much more.
One parent put it best when said, “I have so many wonderful things to say about Ms. Herrera, but the most important one is that she truly loves all of our children. She has a connection with each and every student that makes them feel special in their own unique way.”
Ms. Herrera is also known for keeping the students engaged through music and art and for taking them out on field trips across the city. Her classes often go for walks around the neighborhood, visit the symphony, the opera, and Crissy Field, to name a few.
Another major highlight of Ms. Herrera’s classes is that she takes the kindergarteners camping each year, which is unusual since most students at the school don’t camp until they reach fourth grade. To make this happen, Ms. Herrera goes through the School District and gets a special certification. She even stepped in as a chaperone for some of the older classes so that they could make their camping trips happen as well.
Her coworkers at Alvarado Elementary School described her as a supportive staff member, a mentor to new teachers, and as someone who welcomes everyone into the community.
We are delighted to honor Maria Herrera Paredes with our Teacher of the Month award. After learning so much about her, her student’s words make a lot of sense: “She always made us feel happy. She made us laugh.” Congratulations, Ms. Herrera! You also made us happy.

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