Meet Christina Tang, our October Teacher of the Month!

It’s time to celebrate our October Teacher of the Month, Christina Tang of Galileo High School! When her nomination landed in our inboxes, we were amazed to see how cherished she is among her community. Keep reading to learn more about her.

Ms. Tang teaches both World History and AP U.S. History at Galileo High School, classes that are well known there for preparing students not only for the AP tests but also for college and beyond. Despite the challenging curriculum, students love working with her, highlighting that her classes are engaging and easy to follow.
Other students noted that Ms. Tang frequently goes the extra mile by hosting extra study sessions whenever needed, whether during lunch, after school, or even on weekends.
Ms. Tang cares for her students’ success and helps them strengthen their essay writing, gives advice, and understands them. As one of her past students summarized, “All in all, Ms. Tang is a teacher that gains respect and love through her gentle heart, workload, and exams.”
When it comes to peer recognition, her fellow teachers had lots of compliments as well. One of them, who has been teaching for over 20 years, calls her, “one of the most remarkable teachers I have worked with.”
On top of everything she does for her classes, she is also “a strong supporter of student activities on campus, many times volunteering her weekends at school dances and events,” according to another student. Everyone can clearly see her passion and dedication to teaching and to Galileo High School as a whole.
Everyone at 826 Valencia was blown away by the number of testimonies we received for Christina Tang and we are so happy to give her our Teacher of the Month Award. Thanks for all the work you do for your community. Congratulations!
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