Meet our first Teacher of the Month of this school year: Ms. Jennifer Kabbabe

Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year! We are happy to announce that our Teacher of the Month Program is back in full swing, introducing Ms. Jennifer Kabbabe as our September awardee.

Jen teaches at AccessSFUSD: The Arc, which is a community-based Special Education Transition Program for students with disabilities, ranging from ages 18 to 22. The program focus on developing students’ independent living skills, offering resources such as job trainings and money management tips, to name a few.
A fellow teacher writes that Jen goes above and beyond for her students and that she “Works collaboratively with social workers, case managers, doctors, and nonprofits to ensure that students are able to receive the services they need and have a seamless transition [to independent living].” Ms. Kabbabe also helps her students participate in dance performances, public speaking opportunities, and other social activities to develop their communication skills (and have fun together!).
On top of her dedication to students, Jen has also collaborated with classrooms throughout San Francisco. She co-authored 36-week complete curriculums that have been implemented into the 20 transition classrooms within the San Francisco Unified School District.
Ms. Kabbabe’s students are so inspired by her that they even made a video to show what makes Jen a great teacher. “Marvelous, awesome, wonderful, supportive, and fantastic” are only a few of the words her students used to describe her. They also talked about how Jen has helped them secure jobs and keeps motivating them towards their goals, helping with everything they need to become independent. You can watch the video here.
It is clear that Ms. Kabbabe is an amazing asset to her fellow colleagues, students, and community as a whole, and we’re honored to give her our first Teacher of the Month award of this school year. Congratulations!

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