Meet our March Teacher of the Month, Lenore Kenny

We are delighted to announce Lenore Kenny as our March Teacher of the Month! Ms. Kenny is an educator who has acted as a springboard for so many crucial changes and kept her school community marching forward in so many important ways. She is a dynamic and devoted teacher who has, for nine years, shown a keen interest in advancing the success of her students and community at June Jordan High School. One colleague says, “She has worked really hard to reimagine grading practices in her classroom to be more equitable and less historically oppressive.” We are so impressed by the strides she has taken in so many areas of her work, and are delighted to honor her this month!

Meet our March Teacher of the Month, Lenore KennyMs. Kenny has helmed many groundbreaking projects at June Jordan, from having students create emergency plans for the community to supporting them as they re-enact the Paris Climate Accord. One student says, “She is very involved in our school and helps raise awareness of many things like climate change and depression.”

Throughout her time at June Jordan, she has held a variety of teaching and leadership positions — filling in whatever roles need extra support. Regardless of the subject matter, she is always looking for innovative ways to relate her lessons to real life situations, allowing her students to be more connected to and engaged with their school work. 

Not only does she ensure that her students are getting quality instruction, she’s also ensuring they get quality attention. A colleague says, “From the start I was blown away by the time Ms. Kenny takes to listen to her students. She gets to know them on a personal level and regularly demonstrates that she is invested in their well being as much as their education.” 

Whether it be through creating innovative curriculum, getting to know her students, or leading fellow staff members, Ms. Kenny has time and again proven to be a force for positive change in the June Jordan community. “She is always nice and she also shows truthfulness to their students. She does this every day,” says one student. 

Thank you Ms. Kenny, and congratulations! Read more about our Teacher of the Month Program and how to nominate a special teacher in your life.