Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!

We’re always excited about the start of a new semester, especially because it means a new group of wonderful interns! We are so grateful to have so many amazing folks supporting our students in so many ways. To meet some of these interns, check out their bios below. And if you happen to see them while you’re in a program, say hi!

Meet our Spring 2020 Interns! Alexandra Porcayo
Mission Center

Alexandra Porcayo is a student at San Francisco State majoring in communication studies and double minoring in counseling and criminal justice. After graduating, she plans to move back down to her hometown of Los Angeles, California and begin her goal of working with youth within an education system. She is very excited to be an intern this spring semester at 826 because she enjoys helping children learn and amplifying their imagination!


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Tarryn Warn
In-Schools Programs

Tarryn Warn is a recent graduate from San Francisco State University where she majored in communication studies. She is elated to be a part of 826 and looks forward to giving back to her community. Tarryn dreams of traveling the world with the hope of being able to live in various places throughout her lifetime. In her spare time, Tarryn loves to go on different adventures — whether that be in the city, out in nature, camping, or going on a road trip, she is constantly inspired through exploration.


Nico Vallone
In-Schools Program

Nico was born in the Bay Area and grew up in Hong Kong. He’s pursuing a double major in cognitive science and linguistics at UC Davis, but pesters his English major roommates about their coursework and reading lists anyway. Nico immediately fell in love with both the people and the mission at 826 Valencia after volunteering at Personal Statement Weekend, and couldn’t be more excited to be an intern. When he’s not reading The Dispossessed for the umpteenth time, you might catch him giving anonymous writing advice on the internet, riding his motorcycle in the foothills, or penning short stories that he inevitably chickens out of submitting to spec fic magazines.


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Julia Beck

Julia Beck was born in Atlanta, Georgia and moved to Middlebury, Vermont for college. There she learned how much she cares about reading, writing, and really fun stories. She studied Spanish, education studies, and creative writing, and is excited to use the skills she learned there during her time with 826 Valencia. She just moved to San Francisco, and is excited to get to know the city and the surrounding areas by searching out art, music, and hiking communities. Julia believes that everyone has a story to share, and is excited to work with students on finding some of theirs.


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Camila Ceja

Camila Ceja was born and raised in Richmond, California. Currently, she is a second year student at UC Berkeley, where she is majoring in comparative literature and ethnic studies. In her free time, Camila loves to go to concerts, eat tacos, and explore art museums. She loves spending time with family, friends, and her two puppies! She is excited to work with 826 Valencia and bring her jokes and laughs to everyone there.



Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Hannah Lee
Mission Bay

Hannah Lee grew up in sunny Los Angeles and is currently a senior finishing her studies in English at UC Berkeley. This spring, she joined 826 Valencia, wanting to foster creativity and a love for reading in students and be a part of the greater Bay Area community. In her free time, she loves to obsess over dog Instagrams, binge Netflix series, and travel with her friends and family. She is loving her time at the Mission Bay Center and is excited for what’s to come!


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Nataly Acosta
Tenderloin Center

Nataly Acosta was raised in a small town close to the border of Baja, California called Calexico, California. She moved out in order to pursue her career, and chose the University of San Francisco in her educational path. She hopes to graduate in  Winter 2020 as a marketing major. She is passionate about learning about the community and making a difference in children’s lives. As an intern at 826 Valencia, she likes the awareness it brings to the younger generations about the importance of writing. In addition she loves to hike, be active at the gym, and hang out with her friends as much as possible.


Connor Gibson
Tenderloin Center

Connor Gibson was born in London, England and has lived in the Bay Area for twelve years. He graduated from  Tamalpais High School in 2018 and is psyched to be interning with 826 Valencia during his gap year. He’s pursuing a creative writing BFA at Boston’s Emerson College starting this fall. Outside of tutoring, he loves technical theatre, baking, and spending time with his cat.


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Tationna Johnson
Tenderloin Center

Tationna Johnson attends San Francisco State University, where she studies psychology with a minor in Africana studies. She will be taking a year off, and then will be pursuing a master’s degree in social work. She loves going to concerts and spending time with her family when she can. She is excited to work with the students at the Tenderloin Center.


Meet our Spring 2020 Interns!Stephannie Linares
Tenderloin Center

Stephannie Linares was born and raised in the city of Santa Ana, El Salvador. She spent some time in Maryland and moved to California a while ago. She is a freshman at Contra Costa College where she is preparing to be a paralegal and transfer to university to become a lawyer. She loves food and enjoys nature. In her free time Stephannie enjoys going for walks on the beach and to the movie theater. She loves to spend time at 826 Valencia getting to know all the young writers and listening to their great ideas.


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