Meet our Summer 2023 Interns

Meet our Summer 2023 Interns

Our summer programs are well under way – so allow us to introduce our interns who are making so much of what we do possible! Our interns this summer came from all over the country to come support our mission. Thank you so much for all the hard work that you, we’re so excited to have you with us!


Morgan Piper-Cordova (he/him): A native of Petaluma, Morgan Piper Cordova (he/him) loves to write poetry and read while not playing jazz piano and accordion. He is an English Major at Oberlin College, and his dream after graduation is to travel around the world.


Farrah Kaymouz (she/her): Syrian interior designer and painter. Designing as a form of practicing nostalgia but speaking Arabic with 826 students remains the dearest way to reconnect with my home and mother language to me.


Colette Holcomb (she/her): Colette Holcomb is a Bay Area native passionate about writing and journalism. She currently lives in France, studying political humanities in a dual degree program between Sciences Po and Columbia University. When she’s not writing, she enjoys concerts, film photography, reading novels, and testing new recipes.


Julia Parsa (she/her): Julia Parsa was born in San Francisco, California, but relocated to Chicago during her elementary school years. Recently, she embarked on an exciting new chapter at Scripps College, where she intends to pursue a major in English and Legal Studies. Julia finds joy in crafting stories, losing herself in books, exploring the great outdoors through running and hiking, and embracing the refreshing embrace of swimming.


Eleanor West (all pronouns): Eleanor is in the process of earning a B.A. in Writing and English. She loves poetry with her whole heart. She also loves sewing, making jewelry, and collecting small shiny things.


Caroline Wu (she/her): Caroline grew up in SF and will be a sophomore at Amherst College in the fall. She is studying environmental science, she loves running, and fostering creativity!


Ally Choi (she/her): Ally is an SF native currently studying Creative Writing and Art at the University of Michigan. She loves reading, getting to hear others share their writing, swimming, rock climbing, and nature.


Vivian Huang (she/her): Vivian is a current student of Wellesley College, majoring in Data Science and minoring in English. She was born and raised in the Bay Area fog. She particularly enjoys delighting her senses by baking sweets, playing piano, dipping all sorts of food in ponzu, and snacking on blueberries.


MacKenzie Tucker (she/her): MacKenzie is a San Francisco native, who is currently in college at the University of Chicago studying English. She spends most weekends visiting some hiking spot, lake, or beach on the coast.


Mercedes Sarah (she/her): While Mercedes is thankful to call San Francisco her home, she is currently pursuing majors in History and Creative Writing at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. She loves nothing more than sunny weather, listening to her favorite music, and walking to the nearest park.


Edwin Amaya (he/him): Edwin is an East Bay native who is currently studying English and Computer Science at Stanford University. He is a poet and fiction writer that covers topics such as growing up in the Bay Area and Latin American culture and heritage. Outside of school, he is a huge SF Giants and Carolina Panthers fan, loves to go thrifting, and enjoys board games.


Alea Auyeung (they/them): Alea hails from California and is a student at Stanford studying psychology, education, and creative writing. They are a poet and author, and they hope their love for creative writing will flourish during this internship. When not writing or studying, they enjoy analyzing Met Gala looks and other pop culture moments, laughing their way delightedly through romcoms, and sipping matcha lattes.


Bianca Isabela “Bea” Ricafort (she/her): When it comes to writing, Bea is a hopeless romantic. Born in the Philippines and raised in South San Francisco, she believes writing, if done correctly, is the closest thing to showing the world one’s heart and soul. As an intern, her mission is to impart to every student that their stories and experiences matter and that, like many things in life, writing is something one can continuously improve on. She also believes gardening is fun, books are cool, and legos are for adults.


Owen Jung (he/him): Owen, born and raised in the Bay Area, is a freshman at Stanford studying English and Data Science. He loves music and basketball, and believes that everyone on the planet has a story worth hearing.


Ananda Nelson (she/her): Ananda is an English student at SFSU. When she is not reading or managing her book club, she is usually watching anime or learning to crochet.


Abigail Sandoval (they/she): Abby is a recent graduate from SF State with a degree in English Education. She’s passionate about creating safe and educational spaces for all. In her free time, she enjoys playing Animal crossing and scrapbooking.


Tomiko Osawa (she/her): Tomiko is a San Francisco native currently attending University of California, Santa Barbara, where she is double majoring in Sociology and Art, with a minor in Applied Psychology. She has always been passionate about working with youth and dreams of one day becoming an art therapist. When not at 826 or in school, you will probably find her wandering the city reading, eating, or chatting with a stranger.


Yashvita Kanuganti (she/her): Yashvita grew up on the coast of Lake Erie and is currently studying Linguistics and Religious Studies at college in Southeast Ohio. She’s been writing for as long as she could remember. In her free time, she is particularly protective of her houseplants and loves to host extravagantly themed dinner parties for her friends.


Piya Rao (she/her): Piya Rao is a proud San Franciscan and 826 alum. She is currently studying at UC Santa Barbara and hopes to be an elementary school teacher in the future. Her top bucket list item is visiting all of the National Parks.


Itzel Ramos (she/her/ella): Itzel was born in Mexico but immigrated to the US at a young age. It was through her teachers and mentors that she found a passion for educational equity and a love for writing! She is passionate about photography, music, concerts/ live music, and nature.


Andrea López (she/her): Andrea López is a 21-year-old college student hoping to help as many young people as she can, she will be one of the 826 Valencia interns this summer. Even though she was born in Los Ángeles, California she grew up in El Salvador which helped her to value all the opportunities life has provided her here in San Francisco.