Meet Tadd Scott, our October Teacher of the Month

We’re thrilled to announce Tadd Scott as our October Teacher of the Month! An English teacher — and 826 teacher-partner — from Mission High School with twenty-six years of teaching experience, colleagues and students alike commend Mr. Scott for his remarkable dedication to and passion for teaching.


In the classroom, Mr. Scott is a champion for independent reading, giving students the space to read books of their choosing for the first portion of class. By incorporating this independent structure, one colleague noted that they were “struck by the students’ deep relationship with reading that is fostered in Mr. Scott’s class. He clearly gives them the space and support to discover their own intellectual interests.” This observation is bolstered by individual student accounts, as well. One student added that, “It is because he requires his students to have a personal book that I got into reading. I hated reading before, but because he always pushes his students to read, I started to love reading.”

Mr. Scott’s teaching is characterized by high expectations, individual attention, and lots and lots of commitment. One student says that, “[Mr. Scott] checks in with each student about their grades, how they can improve, and what they’re doing well on. He makes sure everyone has a chance to succeed in his class.”

Mr. Scott’s commitment to his community extends well beyond the classroom. In addition to teaching, he supports three Mission High clubs — Guitar Club, Black Student Union, and Multicultural Club — and celebrates student-athletes as a committed football coach.

Taken together, Mr. Scott’s supportive presence, whether it be in the classroom, on the football field, or at Mission High assemblies, inspires the people around him. One student put it best, writing, “[Mr. Scott’s] overwhelming desire for and dedication to teaching is what motivates me the most.” This unfailing engagement motivates and inspires all of us at 826, too, and we’re honored to present him with this award!


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